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No long-term engagement, flexible scheduling

You might book the different offers below individually and there is no long term engagement necessary. You choose a package, pay it via bank transaction and let’s start the classes.

1 h of class for 32€. Please contact me for packages of 4h / 6h / 10 h or students’ prices.

Prices valid from September 1, 2022 onwards.

This is how the online classroom looks like:

image that shows an online class in the online school on big blue button

Further service offers:

Inhouse English Training for companies

E-learning online modules: everywhere and always accessible

E-learning online modules provided by our online school are convenient for companies, individuals or institutions in certain situations: If you wish to learn asynchronously which means on your own, without other students following your personal schedule, then e-learning online is a perfect solution for you.

E-learning online offers you a self-paced learning experience, that can be tailored to your specific contexts or needs (link). You can study course materials at any time you wish and you have access to a set of interactive and self-contained materials, which are available on Moodle. Moodle is an open source Learning Management System, widely used among universities and larger schools.

Have a look at the modules that are currently online and that you can use and work on for free.

Learnlearning from anywhereing EFL in a (virtual) classroom

Imagine you belong to the type of students that wish to learn with a tutor and you want to develop your speaking and writing skills. Then you should book classes with us, either in a virtual or in a real classroom, depending on the geographical distance to Toulouse in the South-West of France, where our school is located.

In case you are not close by you can meet our tutors in a virtual classroom that offers everything that makes a real one. You are online in our video conference system, sharing your video and your microphone with the mentor whom you can see and listen to as well. There is an interactive whiteboard on which documents can be uploaded, as a well as a chat room.

In case you belong to a group with several learners you can book synchronous teaching sessions, in which all participants share class at the same moment. In this case self-study of e-learning online modules can be integrated and complemented with collaborative learning activities in the (virtual) classroom.

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